In Madrid, on June, 15th, 2018
Resolution for the 3rd International Call for Residencies for Artists and Curators Espositivo 7B – Definitiva list

Verdict of the jury composed by Alfredo Aracil, Jaime González Cela, Manuela Pedrón Nicolau, Violeta Janeiro Alfageme and Catherine Haggarty, Danny Lamb, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Sebastián Roselló, Violeta Mansilla and Ivan Cicchetti.


Janosch Jauch
Pierina Seinfeld
Marion Balac
Fabián Ramos
Lennart Foppe
James Tabbush


In Madrid, on May, 30th, 2018
Resolution for the 3rd International Call for Residencies for Artists and Curators Espositivo 7B

Verdict of the jury composed by Alfredo Aracil, Jaime González Cela, Manuela Pedrón Nicolau, Violeta Janeiro Alfageme and Catherine Haggarty, Danny Lamb, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Sebastián Roselló, Violeta Mansilla and Ivan Cicchetti.


From July, 9th to August, 6th, 2018:
Janosch Jauch
Pierna Seinfeld
Marion Balac

From August, 6th to September, 3rd, 2018:
Fabián Ramos
Lennart Foppe
Angelina Gualdoni

Selected artists have a period of 5 calendar days to accept their place. After that period, if there are free places, the following will be selected from the next waiting list numbered from 1 to 6, and the final list of resident artists will be communicated again on the website on June, 5th, 2018.

1. James Tabbush
2. Patri Sandonis
3. Justin Hibbs & Rosalind Davis
4. Mikel Escobales
5. Nicolás Vasen
6. George Rouy

Many thanks to all who have applied for this call. Being a self-financed Residency only by Espositivo, with the inscription fee you are contributing to make this possible.

III Call for Residencies Espositivo 7B
Summer Program _ 2018

Regarding the III Call for Residencies 7B, Espositivo is pleased to collaborate with Catherine Haggarty (Ortega y Gasset, NewYork), Danny Lamb (Painterspaintingpaintings and Rod Barton, London), Jane Hayes Greenwood (Block 336, London), Sebastian Rosselló (Galería Alegría, Madrid) and Violeta Mansilla (UV estudios, Buenos Aires).

This program is addressed globally to artists, commissioners and researchers that want to develop a project in Madrid.

Espositivo 7B aims to connect artists/curators that go through the program with other like-minded artists/curators whom are living in Madrid and promote them using Espositivo’s own contacts and networks. Furthermore, the residencies offer oversight and guidance on their projects with the help of the curators Alfredo Aracil (Buenos Aires), Jaime González Cela , Manuela Pedrón Nicolau and Violeta Janeiro Alfageme, as well as the Espositivo Team.


Espositivo was founded in 2014, with the aim of spreading and support contemporary artistic creation.

The framework of the program includes:

– A gallery, where projects are exhibited and a space that brings together artists and curators who are interested in presenting their contemporary works
– A training center, where courses of various modalities are taught through a comprehensive study of the diverse elements of artistic creation
– An art residency program, that offers national and international curators both accommodation and 29 days of studio work

Espositivo 7B Residency Program Includes:

– Accommodation and studio free of charge
– Project monitoring
– Advertising and media attention
– The possibility of exhibiting a project in the gallery or in other public and/or private institutions
– Study visits by curators, galleries, and other cultural agents
– Visits to studios of local artists
– Trips to museums, cultural centers, galleries, and other natural environments


Curatorial projects / Artistic mediation
Sculpture / Installation
Illustration / Comic
Video art
Art / Technology

Residency Conditions:

Duration of the residency: 29 days

Residency Calendar: The applicants whose projects are chosen to be exhibited, will be notified between the months of July and August 2018.

Firsta group : from July, 9th to August, 6th
Second group: from August, 6th to September, 3rd

Number of residency openings: 6

Travelling with a partner: Discussed on a case-to-case basis

Apartment Details: Espacio 7B is an attic located in the city center of Madrid (Bilbao metro). The apartment includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, a large living room and a bright studio space.

The exhibitions that we organise are located at the Gallery adress: Espositivo, calle Palafox Nº5, or in one of the collaborating spaces both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Economic conditions:

This summer, from July – August 2018, we will assign a total of 6 residency spots, which includes both: accommodation and the space to work for 29 days.

In the end, the selected artists will offer one of their works (chosen together by the artist and Espositivo) that was created during the residency to Espositivo or they can opt to collaborate in a project with Espositivo and/or one of the collaborating curators.

In the event that, the artist becomes represented by a gallery through the use of Espositivo’s contacts and networks, the distribution of the percentage of money is as follows: the artist will be entitled to 50% of the total sale, Espositivo will keep 40% and the remaining 10% will go to your gallery.

If the artist is not represented and a sale is made by a direct contact of the artist, Espositivo will keep 10%, while the other 90% will remain intact for the artist.

Selected artists commits to mention in all public communications of the project carried out during the period of the residency the support received by Espositivo and they shall include the logo or name of the space in all their publications.

We want to remind everyone that Espositivo is a NON PROFIT organisation without any kind of support from private or public sponsors, and carries out the residency program solely to create links between national and international artists, cultural managers, curators and gallery owners.

The money that is generated through these possible sales will serve as a mean to continue building a space in Madrid that is conducive to artistic creation and cultural development. Specifically, we will use the funds so that other artists can enjoy the residence in the future, develop the program throughout the year, improve the structures, remunerate the cultural agents who work with the artists, and organise outings to other cities and activities during the residence.

In either case, the works will be sold before the 27th day of the residency, when it will be decided jointly if any of these will be used for a project in Espositivo or another center.

Espositivo has a sole right on the works for 40 days after the artist’s residence. During this period Espositivo will disperse the works among its contacts and/or assign it to future internal projects or with external curators, galleries, or collaborating spaces.

The residence does not include travel, food, or materials.

We encourage all participants to look for private sponsors (galleries, collectors, etc.) or public aids to cover the remaining expenses, If needed, Espositivo can provide the necessary documents for these sponsors.

The residence does not include health insurance either. Candidates not residing in Spain must have medical insurance during the period of residence.

We do not process visas but we will gladly make a letter of invitation to the chosen artists if they request it.

Code of conduct:

The selected residents must commit to developing their proposed project and present it by the stated due dates and times. They must keep the space which is granted to them clean and leave it as they found it (otherwise, they will have to assume cleaning expenses +/- € 25). Most importantly, selected residents must act with respect and integrity towards their other fellow residents, curators, and with the entire Espositivo team.

A mandatory 50€ deposit will be made by each residence artist that will act as insurance towards distributed materials and supplies. The 50 euro will be returned to all residencies at the end of the stay, as long as all the materials and supplies are returned without damage.

Submission of Applications:

To participate in the program, interested artists must pay only a registration fee of 15€ (does not include taxes or bank fees), without further costs.

The deadline to submit applications is May 21, 2018 at 11:30 pm (Madrid).

Both individual and joint projects are welcome to be submitted with up to a maximum of 3 people per project.

The participants have to send the documentation by email to ivan@espositivo.es, indicating in the subject ESPOSITIVO 7B.

This email must contain a single PDF document whose title is the name of the applicant and/or applicants.

The document should include:

1. Contact details of the person responsible for the project.
2. Number of people who will participate in the residency.
3. A proposal for which residency program dates they are applying for. If alternative dates are presented, the possibilities of admission are greater.
4. A signed letter that states that the artist commits, if elected, to fulfill all duties of the residency by the specified dates according to the agreements and conditions of the program.
5.  A description of the project that will include the necessary spaces for its completion.
6. A brief resume and portfolio of recent artistic projects or web links where we can visualise your work.
7. Proof of payment of the registration fee of € 15

We will send confirmation receipt when we receive your submission. If no confirmation is received within 5 business days, please notify ivan@espositivo.es

How Residencies are selected for exhibiting their work:

The following curators will choose 20 projects:

Alfredo Aracil (Buenos Aires);
Jaime González Cela;
Manuela Pedrón Nicolau;
Violeta Janeiro Alfageme

The second selection will include 6 selected resident artists that carried out the program during the months of July & August. An additional 6 selected resident artists will be put on a waiting list.

Ivan Cicchetti (Espositivo);
Catherine Haggarty (Ortega y Gasset, New York);
Danny Lamb (Painterspaintingpaintings and Rod Barton, London);
Jane Hayes Greenwood (Block 336, London);
Sebastian Rosselló (Alegría Gallery, Madrid);
Violeta Mansilla (UV estudios, Buenos Aires),

The residencies are evaluated on the following criteria:

• quality of the content
• consistency of the project
• Permeability and the capacity to carry out the project using the facilities that we offer

The selected artists will be notified and made public on; May 28, 2018, on the website of Espositivo www.espositivo.es

The website will show a list of the 6 selected chosen projects, and the 6 selected for the waiting list.

All those selected have a period of 3 calendar days to accept their placement.

After this period, if there are free places, the next will be selected from the waiting list numbered from 1 to 6, and the definitive list of resident artists will be published again on the web page on Friday, June 1, 2018.

All participants are held subject to the terms and agreements of the project.


International Program of Artist Residencies // Under open call, we select national and international artists to enjoy free accommodation and study for 25 days. In this period, residents only have to worry about carrying out their project and present their work to the critics, curators and agents who visit their studio to know their work.


ARTIST RESIDENCY // ESPOSITIVO 7B >> Calle Jerónimo de la Quintana // Madrid – M: Bilbao

ARTIST STUDIO >> Calle Palafox 5 // Madrid – M: Bilbao




Taylor Anton White (USA)

Florencia Caiazza (Argentina)

Liane Lang (UK)

Arno Beck (Alemania)

Oli Epp (UK)

Florence Sweeney (UK)

Philipe Augusto (Brasil)

Amalia Mourad (USA)



Myles Bennett (USA) vídeo

Fabian Treiber (Alemania) vídeo

Juan Dios de Morenilla (Murcia) vídeo

Rijnder Kamerbeek (Holanda) vídeo

Jimena Chávez (Perú) vídeo

Hedley Roberts (UK) vídeo


Julio Linares

Alberto Beltrán


Nathaniel Evans

Wendelin Wohlgemuth

Rodrigo Branco